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Introversion or a Need for a Frame?

Since my last blog post, I have reflected on what it is that holds me back from being a fully engaged blogger. I certainly like the clarity that writing brings; however, something still feels awkward when it comes to publishing a blog. At first, I thought this awkwardness was due to being an introverted blogger, or someone who is uncomfortable with thinking and writing in the open, and perhaps initially this was the case. Then, I thought maybe it was the fear of my blog not being polished, insightful, or worthy enough. However, I am beginning to realize there is something much more fundamental; something that perhaps applies to every so-called introvert, and a reason why it is hard for me to think out loud. I believe I need a frame … and I need to understand how the frame is organized.

I feel an inherent need for my thinking to have order, and only when this exists do I feel safe enough to explore within the frame and, in turn, push the boundaries of my comfort levels.

By definition, a frame would be some sort of structure in which I could organize my thinking. After all, I grew up colouring within the lines, working with organizers and schedules, diligently following the rules, etc. Now, with blogging and the Internet, the boundaries are illusive, or often self-imposed, and the possibilities are seemingly endless. Ironically, despite my comfort with structure, I have always encouraged students to think outside the box and take risks. I recognize that frames can inhibit creativity, while also being problematic and limiting (whether it is colouring or building web pages).

Should order and structure necessarily be important in navigating the online environment? As we explore and learn in this environment, it seems that chaos often prevails. But, is it chaos, or do we have so many options and directional choices these days that it seems to be chaotic? Could it be that instead of welcoming and learning to filter and explore the variety of options, we label this online experience as chaotic and approach it with unease? Instead, as I am learning, we need  to embrace this new reality and accept that the framework is not always clear. We need to  learn how to navigate within this fluid and constantly changing environment. Every step we take provides us with a bank of experiences which become invaluable as we continue to charter into the unknown. If we don’t change our approach, we will miss out on so many wonderful opportunities to learn, connect, and grow!

The Power of Quiet

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